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Do You Brush for the Right Amount of Time?
Have you ever timed yourself brushing? Most people brush for too little time each day. The average time is just over a minute, when in actuality, you should be brushing for two full minutes. Ideally, you want to stop somewhere between two and three minutes. This should include brushing your teeth for two minutes, then taking the extra time to brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth. If you do not brush long enough, it could leave your teeth exposed to bacteria and debris, which can lead to tooth decay. More important than just timing how long you brush is to check and be sure you are removing all the plaque off your teeth. How can you check yourself at home? It’s easy, just use a disclosing tablet or liquid to stain the plaque....then brush until the red-stained plaque is gone! You figure out how long it takes to clean your teeth in your mouth. There you have it....a customized plaque-control regimen. And we can check for you on your next dental check-up. Just brush before you come in and we can disclose together, and point out any spots you might be missing.

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